A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Work with a pal to guide one another through the darkness in order to find harmonious success!

Intended Resonance is a game about working together in order to reach the end of a maze. Each player controls the other's "resonance" to see what is around them. Help one another traverse through the darkness with the power of music!

This game was created for the 2018 Vamped Games Jam following the theme "Music is just Wiggly Air"


Zac Mascarenas - Programmer

George Sekalias - Programmer

Gage O'Connor - Programmer / Producer

Kailey Phan Mitchell - Music / Designer 

Scott Summers - Level Designer

Stepfan Thelemaque - Level Designer/Art & UI Design


IntendedResonance.zip 19 MB
IntendedResonanceMac.zip 23 MB

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