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Welcome to the dandelion world, you must fight to survive. Stay on and watch your enemies fly away.

Play as a single seed fighting to be the last one to leave the head of a dandelion. Avoid the bees as you wiggle out of harms way. Don't wiggle too much otherwise you might wiggle yourself right off of dandelion! Be the last seed attached to win.

The Team:

Zac Mascarenas- Programmer

Kailey Phan Mitchell-Artist

Grayson Ducker- Artist

Vadym Yanchuck- Programmer

Jack Crane- Programmer 

Eric Moen- Sound Designer/ Composer


WASD - Move Wind Direction
ESC - Quit Application
Right Click + Mouse Movement - Moves Camera

For the #dreamhackatlantajam


seedsinthewindbuild.zip 48 MB

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